Have you ever had something so consume you that you lost sight of who you are as an individual and became so engrossed with the crisis that was going on in your life that you fail to identify yourself appropriately outside of the problem that was going on in your life?

Well, that is the power of conversational voice.

Speaking in a conversational tone seems to be the key that unlocks the heart of your audience. The goal of communication in public speaking is to bring your story/experience to life. You can capture your audience by making the language personal, engaging, and evocative. Public speaking is an art that many people can learn, once you master it, it enhances the vocal conversational tone that you already have.

When you master the art of using your conversational voice when speaking in public you;

  1. Build an immediate rapport with your audience
  2. Tell your story with clarity
  3. Convey sincerity in your message/story