As an employer you always have to function higher than the people you are leading, this doesn’t mean that you manage people it simply means that you work on building your capacity at developing people to become better at managing whatever it is that you entrust them to do.

Many employers assiduously find themselves focusing on team dynamics and team roles and at times miss out on the individuals who make up the team.

Here are four types of people that every employer has, that if developed well can become great employees and if well motivated can become consistent and committed to excellence.

  1. Cop – Outs – These are people who don’t easily buy into visions, ideas or strategies. They are always on the negative side even before they try and execute a given task. They often say it’s impossible, so they won’t even try it, join or attempt.
  2. Hold – Outs – These individuals are time wasters, they may appear serious and interested, but when you dig deeper you realize that they are only in a group/team to make use of other people’s time, but have no interest or commitment in improving or doing better.
  3. Drop – Outs – You definitely have come across these category of people, they are always extremely excited when you share an idea with them, they partially motivate you to stick to your idea, they are so zealous, they appear to give out their best like it’s an opportunity for a lifestyle but when the real work begins, they disappear.
  4. All – Outs – Every employer needs these people, they pay the price to reach the goal, they are more concerned with getting ahead rather than getting home. They are so passionate about what they do. They are the type of employees that people hear of, even before they see/meet them, their work speaks for them.

All the four category of people have both strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be quick to dismiss the first three too soon.