Years back when i was in full time employment there were days i came back home, and could not speak to anyone i suffered from both internal and external stressors.

I mean the unrealistic expectations, work overload, job insecurity, financial constraints, pressure to perform, deadlines and the list is endless.

Stress at work is an increasing problem in our society that is slowly becoming cancerous and if not dealt with it can have devastating effects on productivity, creativity, self – esteem and poor health of employees.

Some of the most common factors that influence stress at work are;

  1. The drive for success
  2. Changing work pattern
  3. Conflict
  4. Prolonged illness
  5. Bullying
  6. Lack of feedback on performance
  7. Lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities
  8. Lack of training
  9. Technology change
  10. Working long hours and the list is endless

One of the management principle we use during our training on stress management at work is the (ABC STRATEGY)

  1. A – Awareness
  2. B – Balance
  3. C – Control