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Climate Change

Climate Change & Green Energy

Climate change and concerns about global warming have become major concerns the world over. The current administration of the Republic of Kenya is committed to reversing the adverse impacts of global warming and climate change by spearheading various climate change mitigation initiatives and programs ranging from reforestation to restoration of degraded ecosystems and natural habitats. To support the effective implementation of the climate change mitigation agenda by the government and to create resilient communities, we at Outlook Solutions have partnered with strategic partners with common interests in creating sustainable solutions at grass root level involving communities. Our Green Concept is centered on community empowerment through carbon credit trading.

Our intervention involves creating an internationally recognized carbon credit integrated metric system support through Geoengineering solutions. We believe in creating local solutions that will empower local communities to better their livelihoods through Carbon credit trading in Kenya and the region.

Our Interventions

  • Capacity building of communities and households for adaptation to climate change
  • Mapping of resources for carbon metrics
  • Identification, restoration, and rehabilitation of Carbon sinks
  • Community empowerment through carbon credit trading.

We are in the process of setting up a Carbon credit integrated platform that will consolidate communities’ carbon credits and trade. This first-in-kind platform will support communities to create carbon sinks, save their credits in our platform, and trade in them with prospective buyers in the global green market. The proceeds from carbon credit trading will be used to support the government bottom’s up agenda and fund basic needs such as universal healthcare, education, and funding of community projects, besides putting real dollars into households’ pockets.

We are seeking a strategic partnership with you to upscale this noble idea to capture the region as we endeavor to uplift the lives of our fellow Kenyans through PPP.